Our Team

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Judy Horvath: Director of Operations and Overseer of Responsibilities.  Having BA degrees in Sociology and Psychology, Teaching credentials and Montessori credential, it is in the dealing with clients and caregivers and their relationships that her main area of responsibility occurs.  In the office many days but also does most of the in-home intake surveys and interacts with clients and caregivers to make sure that all client needs are satisfied in the best possible way.


6photoRon Horvath: Director of Client Services.  Ron makes sure that all areas of operation are running smoothly including the back office systems as well as interaction with potential clients and marketing to our hospitals and clinics and rehab facilities.  Having a medical background and Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology he is excellent at relating to people of various backgrounds and capabilities.  One of his best assets if that he has a great way with people and  has the invaluable asset of great patience with everyone including his lovely            wife.  He keeps us all on track with the big picture. He is invaluable to Tender Heart.

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Linda Walters: Office Manager. Linda has been with Tender Heart for over five years and she is at the heart of all things Tender Heart.  She oversees all the scheduling and makes sure that everyone knows where they are going and when they are to go there.  She details what each position entails and patiently conveys this to all our caregivers.  This as you may know is not an easy task but one that she handles with great grace and positive energy.  She is a great listener and speaks to our many clients detailing who is coming for each shift.  She manages all the payroll tasks as well as making sure all areas are taken care of in the office. Before joining Tender heart Linda worked in Mortgage industry as a loan officer and also was an office manager to a large executive organization.  Linda has three wonderful adult sons.  She is invaluable to Tender Heart.


Cole Walters:  Human Resources Director.  Cole has been with Tender Heart for over three years and handles all incoming Caregiver applications explaining patiently the duties and qualifications necessary to secure a job through Tender Heart.  He goes over all the necessary paperwork and makes sure that all the caregiver’s documentation is included in their application packet.  He also explains how Tender Heart  operates, timesheets, due dates, and expectations for possible jobs. He is also in charge of all of Tender Heart’s billing and invoicing and does a great job with this.  He has a natural affinity for numbers and does this process quickly and efficiently.  Cole served in the United States Army, including a tour of duty in Iraq and is pursuing his degree at Sacramento State.  He is invaluable to Tender Heart.


Briana Herrera:  Assistant Office Manager.  Bree handles the thorough investigation and researching qualifications for potential caregivers.  She personally calls all references and verifies if the pre-screened caregivers are qualified to be referred through Tender Heart.  She also manages to make sure that all have their liability bonds, background checks completed and liability insurance policies in place.  She also picks up the slack in any area that one of the other office personnel needs assistance, including managing the packets for new caregivers, new clients, and potential clients.  She also receives payment into our system.  She has a BA degree in Marketing, and is now back in school studying to be a nurse.  She is invaluable to Tender Heart.


CAREGIVERS: The referred caregivers at Tender Heart are the real HEART of Tender Heart.  Most of our caregivers tend to stay with Tender Heart for long periods of time, as long as there is work available for them.  As independent domestic workers, they have many choices.  We believe they choose to be referred by Tender Heart for good reasons. We believe in them and the qualities that they provide to the precious people we serve.  They are deserving of the utmost respect and are given this by the our team and the clients that they serve.  Obviously they are invaluable to Tender Heart.